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Sunday, May 31, 2009

American Imperialism and the Media

It is clear that the media coverage surrounding the Iraq and Afghanistan wars do not present the real truth of the conflicts. The large corporate media firms operating in the USA have effectively convinced the public that Afghanistan is better off without the Taliban and that Iraq would be on its way to a constitutional government, if not for those blasted insurgence.

The true nature of these conflicts is that while the debate still surges around the events of 9/11, the Taliban was a force of good for the people of Afghanistan. They stabilized the region and forced out the opium trade which exploited the people and hurt the region by focusing agricultural efforts towards opium rather than edible foods. Since the US invasion of this country, the opium trade has begun anew, even growing beyond the original scope of the pre-Taliban period. Afghanistan is now the largest opium producing country in the world, and not a word of this is heard on any corporate media channels. These instruments of propaganda would rather rally the cry of more troop deployment, an action which would increase destabilization in the region as the US greenhorn troops would have difficulty distinguishing freind from foe. Accidential killings or collateral killings would occur, which would lead to the rise of similar insurgence groups as the ones in Iraq.

Regarding Iraq, make no mistake, many of the insurgence members DO affiliate with major ethnic and religious groups that have banded together in order to fight the US occupation of their soverign country. But their membership on the individual level is comprised of regular people who have lost close friends or relatives as a direct result of US occupation of the region. When you consider this fact, it is a no brainer why the Iraqi people would rebel against our forces and we would see increasing insurgence numbers. These people are not enemies of representative government, they are no haters of freedom and peace. Their lives have been impacted by our troops and our occupation, so they are completely justified to hate the american forces, as they carry out actions of imperialism within Iraq that does not benefit the Iraqi people, such as the transnational pipline.

In conclusion, I ask everyone who reads this blog to question the reasons behind these two imperial conquests, and ask yourself whether the occupation of these territories and the spending of trillions of dollars in order to maintain a military might with enough force to have an empire is in the best interests of the American people.