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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Obama's Genocide Strikes Haiti; U.S. May be Next


Tthis is an except from LaRouchePAC a political action committee founded and headed by Lyndon Larouche, a somewhat infamous American Economist/Political Analyst. He has interesting theories and ideas about Economics, but his style of presentation of these ideas makes him come across as a raving nut-bag. Anyway, I figured you would all enjoy a good read. Factually, the article is not too bad, but once the boarders are crossed between fact and opinion, it goes down hill very quickly.

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As a deadly cholera epidemic, Haiti's first in a century, raged ever-closer to the unsanitary and filthy "temporary" camps of 1.3 million earthquake refugees in Haiti's capital of Port-au-Prince, Lyndon LaRouche said today that, "I warned that this Administration's policy towards Haiti would lead precisely towards this sort of outbreak, and it has now done that. Therefore, since this was foreknowable, and foreknown, this means that the policy of genocide implicit in Obama's policy is now coming to bear. And probably, among the next targets of this genocide, is going to be the people of the United States themselves, unless Obama is removed before that."

On February 23, LaRouchePAC reported that, "Lyndon LaRouche issued an urgent call for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to work with Haitian government to help relocate up to a million Haitians, now homeless and living amid the rubble of shattered Port-au-Prince in the aftermath of the Jan 12 earthquake that killed some 300,000 Haitians....

"If we do not act, LaRouche stressed, Haiti will soon face conditions in which dengue, cholera, malaria, thyphoid, and other epidemics will spread, with devastating consequences. Haiti is the image of what awaits all of humanity under the current, British-imperial international financial system: it is the face of the New Dark Age. We must stop it in Haiti, if we are to have the moral fitness to survive on this planet.

"To prevent another wave of mass deaths and total national disintegration, a bilateral treaty agreement between the United States and Haiti should be promptly reached to evacuate up to a million people from this potentially deadly situation, into the United States, on an interim basis, and possibly into inland parts of Haiti as well...

Obama flatly rejected this warning.

EIR reported in its Oct. 22 issue that the numbers of Haitians in temporary camps has grown, not shrunk: 1.3 million are still living in temporary camps. As of July, 40% of the 1,000 camps in the capital had no access to water, and 30% lacked any kind of toilet at all. A survey by a City University of New York professor found that the average number of people sharing a toilet in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area is 273! In the 30% of camps with verifiable information that had no toilets at all, people are forced to urinate and defecate in a plastic container or in an open area.

And that only an estimated 10% of families living in the camps have tents; the rest use tarps or bedsheets. Only 2% of the 25 million cubic yards of debris has been removed.

Not a cent of the $1.15 billion U.S. aid pledged for Haiti by the U.S. government has been actually sent.

As E.I.R's Cynthia Rush wrote in that Oct. 22 article: "That there haven't been major outbreaks of cholera or malaria is miraculous; but signs of acute medical problems—chronic infections, malnutrition, hunger, and untreated psychological trauma—are everywhere. Mobile clinics visit camps sporadically. Given the lack of public health and sanitation facilities, and the pitiful supply of clean drinking water, the question is not if, but when Haiti's weakened and vulnerable population will be stricken by a medical catastrophe."

David Darg, from the humanitarian organization Operation Blessing International, writing on Reuters AlertNet blog, described a horror scene at St. Marc hospital in Artibonite today, where cholera is raging within 50 miles of the capital.

"I had to fight my way through the gate as a huge crowd of worried relatives stood outside, while others screamed for access as they carried dying relatives into the compound. The courtyard was lined with patients hooked up to intravenous (IV) drips. It had just rained and there were people lying on the ground on soggy sheets, half-soaked with feces. Some children were screaming and writhing in agony, others were motionless with their eyes rolled back into their heads as doctors and nursing staff searched desperately for a vein to give them an IV. The hospital was overwhelmed, apparently caught out suddenly by one of the fastest killers there is."